Choose the right loan for you

Non-purpose loan

Non-purpose loan up to € 10,000. The most favourable rates, fixed instalments, no hidden fees.

You need money for education, wedding or holidays? On Žltý melón you can borrow to pay for anything, even if you need to cover your extra expenses only for a short time. You can repay the loan early at any time.

Partner loan

You want even more favourable terms and conditions for your loan? Apply for a loan jointly with your spouse, partner or friend.

If you are interested in getting the loan at more favourable conditions, apply for a loan with your partner. However, it is not necessary to have a co-debtor, but if you have one, you can save even more money on instalments.

Special-purpose loan to cover reconstruction and furnishings

Best loan for reconstruction of your house or flat. You may also use the loan to buy home furnishings.

You need to renovate your house or buy home furnishings? Do you want to refurbish, renovate bathroom, kitchen or kids bedroom? There is no better way than to borrow on Žltý melón.

Most favourable instalment

Loan to repay your costly credits. You will get guaranteed interest rate lower by up to 2%. Thus you can save hundreds of euros on your instalments.

Do you have old loans or debts on credit cards for which you are paying high interest rates? Consolidate your old loans and debts into one loan at more favourable terms and conditions. Free yourself from expensive instalments!

Quick loan

A quick loan of 100 – 500 EUR can help you manage the ups and downs of life, giving you the cash you need, when you need it. But it shouldn‘t cost you an arm and a leg! Our new short-term loan is quick, and convienient and most of all, its affordable! We can help you escape the cycle of expensive loans with other companies.

The loan application only takes a few minutes to comple and you get the money on the same day. Best of all, there are no fees to take out the loan and no hidden charges.You can choose to repay your loan in full after one month, or pay a small fee to repay the loan in a series of smaller manageable instalments over a period of up to 6 months. This ensures your repayments are always affordable and you don‘t get stuck in a cycle of borrowing.Also, when you repay your loan with us you build up our understanding of you as a person and a customer. This means in the future you can apply for one of our standard loans at an even better rate, which can help you pay of your other high cost loans!

Loans that are responsible and human
We decided to introduce this type of loan to help people that currently rely on short-term loans get a better rate, and avoid getting trapped in a cycle of debt with the current high cost lenders. Many of our loan applicants are regularly repaying their existing short term loans each month, at very high costs, but we have not yet been able to offer them a loan that meets their needs. Our new loan product is both fair and affordable, and is very different than the loans offer by other high cost lenders that keep people trapped in a cycle of borrowing. People can now get the money they need today, as well as a chance to build up their credit history with us for the future. This will enable them to qualify for a standard loan with us, at an even better rate, which can be used to help them pay of thier existing debts in a much more affordable way.

CashFree Housing

Loan to finance a new housing purchase.

This loan is provided in cooperation with a well-known developer and is used to cover part of the purchase price of the property bought by the applicant. The real estate is being under construction.

Learn more here.

CashFree Hypo

Loans to finance the deposit on the purchase of a new home or flat.

The CashFree Hypo loan helps borrowers with the large deposits required by banks now that 100% mortgages are no longer available. These loans can be repaid over a period of up to 20 years, which ensures the monthly instalments are affordable and budgets are not overstretched.

Learn more here.

CashFree Parking

Loan to finance the purchase of a parking place or a cellar.

This loan is provided in cooperation with a well-known developer and is used to cover part of the purchase price of the parking place or the cellar bought by the applicant.

CashFree Purchase

Cosumer goods loan.

Special-purpose loans to finance the purchase of attractive goods and services. This loan is provided in cooperation with shop-keepers who sell the goods or offer services. The applicant therefore can easily ask for a loan right at a shop and needn’t visit any financial institutions. This loan is simple, transparent and available at attractive conditions.

The best deal possible!

With Žltý melón you get the lowest possible interest rates with no hidden charges. You always know when and how much your repayments will be, as well as how much your loan will cost in total.

Žltý melón is the cheapest

Loan comparisons are based on a represenative loan of 3 000 EUR repaid over 24 months for an average customer. Source:

You can save up to €1,200 on a two-year loan when you borrow on Žltý melón!

Tired of the misleading interest rates advertised by other lenders?

Unlike other firms, we offer you one fixed interest rate that will never increase. We also don't charge you any hidden fees or require you to purchase other products and services in order to get your loan at the advertised rate.

When you borrow with us, we will tell you exactly what interest rate you will pay, when and how much your monthly repayments will be, as well as what fees you will pay. All up-front and written in plain English, before you sign your loan contract!

No hidden surprises here!. Just fair loans, funded by honest people.

Our loans come in all shapes and sizes

Maximum loan amount:
10 000 €
Minimum loan amount:
100 €
Maturity period:
1 – 60 months (with possibility of early repayment)
Interest rate:
Standard loan, Partner loan, Special-purpose loan to cover reconstruction and furnishings - Individual rate
Most favourable instalment – guaranteed interest lower up to 2% than the interest on your current loan
Quick loan – fix rate
Interest rate variability:
No, fixed interest rate on the loan for the whole repayment period
Form and repayment frequency:
Fixed monthly instalment
Loan security:
Personal loans without additional tangible assets guarantee
Purpose of the loan:
Standard loan and Guarantor loan - without having to prove the purpose of use
Special-purpose loan to cover reconstruction and furnishings – loan for reconstruction of the property and home furnishings
Most favourable instalment – loan to repay existing debts
Payment protection insurance:
Insurance is option, but it can make borrowing much cheaper

Who can borrow on Žltý melón?

Trustworthy people

If you have a stable financial situation and a good credit history, you are an ideal candidate for borrowing on Žltý melón.

Everyone who meets these basic criteria can apply for a loan on Žltý melón:
  • over 18 years old
  • has permanent residence in Slovakia or the Czech Republic
  • has a permanent income source


Payment protection insurance is not a required to get the loan on Žltý melón, but it can help you borrow at a lower interest rate.

If you get into any financial difficulties while repaying your loan, payment protection insurance can significantly help you in getting thorugh your this period.