Choose the right loan for you

Non-purpose loan

Non-purpose loan up to € 15,000. The most favourable rates, fixed instalments, no hidden fees.

You need money for education, wedding or holidays? On Žltý melón you can borrow to pay for anything, even if you need to cover your extra expenses only for a short time. You can repay the loan early at any time.

Non-purpose loan with co-debtor

You want even more favourable terms and conditions for your loan? Apply for a loan jointly with your spouse, partner or friend.

If you are interested in getting the loan at more favourable conditions, apply for a loan with your partner. However, it is not necessary to have a co-debtor, but if you have one, you can save even more money on instalments.

CashFree Housing

Loan to finance a new housing purchase.

This loan is provided in cooperation with a well-known developer and is used to cover part of the purchase price of the property bought by the applicant. The real estate is being under construction.

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CashFree Hypo

Loans to finance the deposit on the purchase of a new home or flat.

The CashFree Hypo loan helps borrowers with the large deposits required by banks now that 100% mortgages are no longer available. These loans can be repaid over a period of up to 20 years, which ensures the monthly instalments are affordable and budgets are not overstretched.

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Our loans come in all shapes and sizes

Maximum loan amount:
Non-purpose loan: 15 000 €
CashFree Housing, CashFree Hypo: 50 000 €
Minimum loan amount:
500 €
Maturity period:
1 – 96 months (with possibility of early repayment)
Interest rate:
Non-purpose loan - Individual rate from 5,9 % p.a.
CashFree Housing, CashFree Hypo – Fix rate
Interest rate variability:
No, fixed interest rate on the loan for the whole repayment period
Form and repayment frequency:
Fixed monthly instalment
Loan security:
Non-purpose loan without additional guarantee
Purpose of the loan:
Non-purpose loan - without having to prove the purpose of use
CashFree Housing, CashFree Hypo – documenting the purpose of use
Payment protection insurance:
Insurance is option, but it can make borrowing much cheaper

Who can borrow on Žltý melón?

Everyone who meets these basic criteria can apply for a loan on Žltý melón:
  • over 18 years old
  • has permanent residence in Slovakia
  • has a permanent income source