How to invest on Žltý melón?

We know that after a long day working no matter how good the opportunity to invest on Žltý melón may seem, the thought of reading how to do everything on our platform might seem a bit overwhelming!

So, we made it simple with a series of short fun videos that will take you through all the basics of P2P lending, how to make investments on our sites and also how to use some of the more advanced features to optimise your profits and make your life easier.


Getting Started

Okay, this one is pretty basic and does what it says on the tin of delicious sliced melons. We will walk you through the basics of what P2P lending is and how you can get started investing on Žltý melón so you earn more money than with your bank!

Investor Terminal

Now your convinced, this video will show you around our Investor Terminal, which is where you can access all the features of our platform and keep track of how your investments are doing.


Life is busy, we know that, so that’s why we created Autoinvest! It allows you to have all the benefits of a p2p lending site like Žltý melón, but makes everything just as easy as going to deposit some money at the bank.

This video will tell you all about Autoinvest and how to get started so you can then just sit back and what your investment grow!

Loan Auctions

If you have some extra time, you can maximise your returns on Žltý melón by also manually investing in individual loan auctions, as well as using our innovative Autoinvest feature!

This video explains the basic of how our loan auctions work and how you can manually invest in individual loans to earn as much money as possible on our platform.

Loan Types

Just like there are lots of different types of melons to chose from at the grocery store, there are also lots of different types of loans to invest in on Žltý melón.

This video will explain how you can find which loans are right for you, to ensure you get the right balance of high returns and low risk for your investment portfolio.

Investment Fees

Nothing in life is free, despite what your bank might tell you about your ‘free bank account’!

At Žltý melón we are 100% transparent about everything, including the small fees you pay to invest on our platform. We walk you through how this works in this video, with the best part being that you only ever pay fees on our platform when you earn money from your investments!

Risk Management

We know you work hard for your money and while you want to earn money by investing, you also want to be careful and make smart decisions.

This video explains all the steps we take to make sure you investments are protected and what you can to do both to maximise your profits on Žltý melón and also make sure your investment portfolio is safe and secure.