Žltý melón is transparent

We are committed to providing people with a trusted platform to bypass the banks and unlike mainstream financial institutions, we are completely transparent about how we operate.

We will always provide you with the answers to all your questions about our platform and company, how the lending and investment process works, about any upcoming changes or new developments, as well as help you with any specific problems you might encounter when using Žltý melón.

We have nothing to hide about our motives, our business, or the performance of loans on our platform, so we aim to provide you with all of the information you need and might ever want to know about us.

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Protecting your privacy is our priority

Ensuring your safety, security and privacy when using our platform is extremely important to us. We have taken numerous measures when designing and inveswting in our platform, processes and IT security, to make sure you, your personal data and your financial information are safe at all times.

You can read more about this in the section on safety and privacyhere.

No hidden fees and completely transparent T&C's

Žltý melón does not charge any hidden fees or charges, meaning the only fees you pay as either an investor or borrower are those that are clearly published on our website.

We arrange the contracts for loans on our platform, which ensures that they are clear, transparent and do not contain any hidden or confusing terms and conditions that would disadvantage either the borrower or the investor.

We believe in helping people borrow money fairly and so unlike other lenders, the pricing of our loans is completley transparent and does not include any hidden fees or complex charging structures. Our loans have a fixed interest rate, loan duration and monthly instalments, which will never change during the course of your loan. There are no administration fees during the course of your loan, meaning you know exactly what you will pay, when and for how long. This is all listed in the detailed repayment schedule we provide you with when you take out your loan.

Information listed in loan auctions is verified

All loan applicants go through a rigorous assement process to verify their identity, personal details and financial situation. Only applicants with a clearly established background, financial history and the ability to repay their loan, may borrow on Žltý melón.

Although investors in a loan auction do not know the exact identity of the borrower, we provide them with all the relevant information needed to make thier investment decisions. All of the details about the borrower and their financial position, which are listed in their loan auction, have been fully verified by us during our comprehensive assessment of their loan application.

We do not make any decisions for you

Unlike other forms of investing, an investment in peer-to-peer loans is completely transparent and you know exactly where your money is going. At the same time, you choose the level of risk and the expected level of returns for your investment portfolio, which you control through the interest rates you offer to borrowers and by deciding who you are willing to lend money to.