How does the investment process work

  Create your account

After signing in, you can get to know the Žltý melón platform and decide how much you want to invest. Getting started is easy and you can invest as little as 25 EUR.

Registering on Žltý melón does not commit you to anything. You pay no fees for having an account and you can terminate your contract any time.

  Choose your investment strategy

Before investing you should decide whether you will use our Auto Invest feature, where you pick a desired level of return for your portfolio, or manually choose the investment opportunities from the auction listings. You can obviously also choose to combine these approaches.

  Start investing

If you choose to use our Auto Invest feature, it is as simple as adding money to your account and start deciding what to do with your profits. Based on your chosen investment strategy, our auto-investment tool will automatically make investment offers on loan auctions that match your parameters and will keep you updated about your investments via email.

For individual investments, start by finding the loan auction which meets your investment criteria. You can then learn more about the people who want to borrow from you, their financial background, our detailed assessment of their credit risk profile and the purpose of their loan. If you want to know any further information you can ask them any question concerning their loan application before making your final investment decision. Once you have decided to invest, simply determine the amount you want to invest, the interest rate you are willing to accept and make your investment offer.

ŽLTÝ MELÓN helps you by actively managing your investments

There is no need for you to actively manage your investments because we do it for you. We monitor the repayments due on all loans and whether borrowers make them on time. If there is a delay in repayment, we get in contact with the borrower and take the appropriate actions necessary to ensure regular loan repayments are made in the future.

Within your account dashboard you can easily check the progress of your investments and see the regular monthly loan repayments made by borrowers, broken down by loan principle and interest charges. You can transfer the money received from repayments to your bank account or just reinvest it into new loans and increase the returns on your investment.