Why borrow on Žltý melón?

  Get the best loan for you

On Žltý melón you can borrow directly from other people, avoiding both the hassle and cost of getting a loan from your bank. The large number of investors on our platform means there will always be competition to fund your loan, so that you always get the lowest interest rate possible.

Žltý melón is the cheapest

The value of bank and non-bank interest charges is based on a comparison of the loan terms, conditions and advertised interest charges for each of the named firms, which are all listed on the financnahitparada.sk loan comparison website. For this example we have used a representative loan of 3 000 EUR taken out over 24 months by a customer with an average credit risk profile.

  Applying is simple

Not only is it cheaper to borrow money on Žltý melón than with your bank, it is also quicker and easier too!

You can complete the entire loan application process online and once approved, you can easily keep track of your loan or make additional repayments, all via our simple and secure website.

This means you never need to make an appointment, or wait on hold on the phone, just to ask a simple question about your next loan instalment.

  Transparent conditions and no hidden fees

Žltý melón offers you transparent conditions for your loan. There are no hidden fees, your interest rate will never increase and ou do not pay any fees when you apply or set up your loan auction. We also make it easy for you to repay your loan early at any time. On Žltý melón you are always in control of your loan!

  It is safe and anonymous

We verify your identity and information when you apply for a loan on Žltý melón, so that once you are approved by us, your identity can be protected and is never displayed to other users. Because we assess your loan applications on behalf of our investors, you can get your loan funded anonymously and none of your personal data is made public during your loan auction. We take security and your privacy very seriously, which is why our systems and platform were developed to meet the highest possible standards of IT security.

  Our loans are human

Loans on Žltý melón are funded by real people who care about real stories, not banks and computers that are only interested in profits and numbers. This means not only do you get a loan at a cheaper rate, but you are also rewarding real people for their trust in you, rather than padding the profit margins of your bank.