Partner loans with a guarantee

In a cooperation with partner company REDLEE, we offer a unique product of investing in loans of leading global lenders.

You are investing in loans provided by leading global lenders. All investments are secured by buyback guarantee to repurchase both principal and interest. You do not pay any investment management fee for this product.

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  Buyback Guarantee - redemption of principal and interest

With all loans you gain a buyback guarantee of repayment of principal and interest in case of repayment problems. REDLEE works only with prominent professional lenders, who at the same time retain their share and commitment in all loans.

  No investment management fees

Unlike at any other product, you do not pay investment management fees for this product.

  Speed of placing money

You invest in loans that have already been drawn. Therefore, your money is not blocked in the offers, where the debtors are awaiting the signing of contracts and there is no risk that the contracts will not be signed.

  High diversification and availability of money

As these are primarily short-term and low-borrowing loans, you have the opportunity to achieve a high diversification of your investment and your money is only blocked for a short time. Of course, you can also sell these investments on the Secondary market.

As this product is working under different legal framework for the realization of the investment, your first investment requires confirmation of contract. You are investing in loans that have already been granted to debtors, therefor you lend your money to a professional lender for the sole purpose of refinancing the loan. In addition to the provider's buyback guarantee, your investment is also covered by the loan itself.

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