CashFree loans with a guarantee

These loans are provided in partnership with well-known real estate developers and financial advisors and are used to help people with the purchase of a new home. As well as high returns these loans are also secured with a buyback guarantee provided by the developer or by the property itself.

SPECIAL: Cresco Real Estate has started a new special offer for its clients „Buy a flat and pay after". With this special offer all monthly repayments for clients are paid directly by Cresco Real Estate. This makes CashFree Housing loans even more attractive and secure for investors and this with unchanged conditions!

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You can find out more about our CashFree Housing investments with a buy-back guarantee here.

You can find out more about our CashFree Hypo investments backed by real estate here.

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CashFree investments premium

Invest in our guaranteed CashFree Housing and CashFree Hypo loans on even better terms! You can earn a bonus premium of up to 0.5 %* on your investment in our CashFree loans.

Each bonus payment is calculated individually as a % of the amount you invest in any CashFree Housing or CashFree Hypo loan on our platform.

Investment amount CashFree Housing CashFree Hypo
More than 1,000 EUR 0.5 % 0.5 %

* The number of bonus payments that each investor is eligible for is not limited during the period of this special offer. The bonus payment always refers to just one investment and is calculated for each investment separately. The amounts of various individual investments into different CashFree loans cannot be combined for the purpose of calculating the bonus.

* The CashFree bonus offer applies to all investments in any of CashFree Housing and CashFree Hypo loans that are agreed and funded while this special promotion is still available. Bonus payments will be credited to your Žltý melón investment account immediately after the loan auction is concluded and the funds have been transferred to the borrower, after which you can use these funds however you wish.

Don't miss out on this limited time offer!

While you are not limited in the amount you can invest in CashFree loans, the total amount of CashFree loans available at any given time is obviously not unlimited. Be sure you don't miss out on this great investment opportunity, by registering for our newsletter that will notify you when new CashFree loan auctions become available. Or simply use the auto-invest tool to automatically make your investments in CashFree loans for you, which can be activated here.

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Interest rate
H1 • CFH_33800
7,90 % p.a. +0,5 %
17 625 € • 36 months
12d 00:00:01
H1 • CFH_16812
7,90 % p.a. +0,5 %
7 075 € • 36 months
8d 22:14:51
H1 • CFH_85269
7,90 % p.a. +0,5 %
30 000 € • 36 months
6d 03:22:53
H1 • CFH_77131
7,90 % p.a. +0,5 %
4 600 € • 36 months
5d 01:36:02
10 20 30
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