A refreshing way to borrow and invest


Current net return

7,90 %


Current net return

7,93 %


Current net return

8,55 %


Current net return

7,47 %


Data on current yields and effective interest rates are based on the data for the current loan portfolio on Žltý melón, which meets the selected criteria for the period of last two years. The current yields presented here does not guarantee future returns. Accurate future distribution of your portfolio may vary slightly from the parameters selected here, related to several things including the amount of investment criterias, the availability of the required types of loans and their combination.

Žltý melón is a Slovak-based community-driven peer-to-peer lending platform.

We help connect borrowers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic with savers from across the EU, so that both can get a better deal. So take a turn and enjoy the benefits of loans driven by people!

Žltý melón means 'yellow melon' in Slovak - now you know!

What does that have to do with loans?

'Melón' is also a commonly used slang term for money, but there is much more to our name and our company than that!

We have a fresh vision for p2p lending, which is pure, simple and fair.

Žltý melón provides people with a fresh and healthy way to borrow and save money.

We provide a platform, but people set the price of a loan and how much investors earn. It is simple, transparent and fair for everyone.

Our online loan auctions are actually not that different than a local farmer's market, except people buy and sell loans rather than fruit. We didn't invent this, but now you can get a good deal, from honest people, for a loan with terms that are healthy for your finances.

Also, just like a local market, money earned from lending stays within our community, rather than going to a bank's shareholders.

You can learn more about our company here