Why Invest on Žltý melón?

  Receive higher and more stable returns on your investments

By investing in loans on Žltý melón you lend to people directly, without any intermediaries, meaning you benefit from the returns and profits earned on your investments, rather than letting banks and big financial institutions keep all the profits made from your money.


Current net return

7,86 %


Current net return

8,34 %


Current net return

10,11 %


Current net return

7,66 %


Data on current yields and effective interest rates are based on the data for the current loan portfolio on Žltý melón, which meets the selected criteria for the period of last two years. The current yields presented here does not guarantee future returns. Accurate future distribution of your portfolio may vary slightly from the parameters selected here, related to several things including the amount of investment criterias, the availability of the required types of loans and their combination.

Your investment is split across a number of different loans, which ensures your investment is diversified and lowers your risks. You only deal with reliable borrowers, who must first meet a strict set of requirements before they are allowed to present their loan application to potential investors. Our credit analysts assess every loan applicant thoroughly, just the way banks do it.

You can learn more about our results in the Statistics section of our website.


By investing your money with banks or mutual funds you hardly ever know where your money has actually been invested or how much profit was made on that investment. In contrast, peer-to-peer lending on Žltý melón is fully transparent and controlled by you. You know exactly who you lend your money to and you can easily follow the returns made from your investments, as borrowers repay their loans each month.

Because you set your expected return on investment and the level of risk you are comfortable with, you have full control over the level of returns your investment generates. You can also choose to invest in either Secured or Unsecured loans, to give you the best possible combination of security and returns.

  Peer-to-peer lending is innovative and successful

P2P lending has been around since 2005, creating a complete alternative to traditional investment business models and providing better options for ordinary people. Today, the p2p lending market is huge, with total lending now worth billions of Euro each year, making this market and the p2p lenders within it, like Žltý melón, one of fastest growing sectors and some of the best performing start-ups in the global economy.

Žltý melón is a leading Slovak FinTech company established in 2012 and since that time the company has gained great experience that has led to impressive tangible results, both for the company and the people who use it.


Investing your money on Žltý melón means you receive higher returns on your investments than anywhere else, while your money also works to help real people. You no longer have to choose between earning money or doing good. You can now make money with your investments by helping other people, providing them the opportunity to get a fair loan at a reasonable interest rate. Each of your investments is a part of someone’s life story, which you will now be part of as well.


Investing is easy and there is no need for any previous experience in finance or with investments to get started. On Žltý melón you can easily make a personal portfolio of your investments, picking people you want to help out with a fair loan at a reasonable interest rate, while also choosing a level of risk you are comfortable with and a target rate of return for your investment.

We make it easy to build and manage your portfolio, either using our intuitive Autoinvest feature, or picking and choosing the individual loans that you want to invest in.