The only standard fee for investors is the fee charged for investment management. The fee is fixed at 1.0% of the monthly instalments collected from borrowers with the exception of investments in Cash-Free loans for which the fee is only 0.33%.


The monthly investment management fee is not collected on loans which the borrower has not paid the instalments for, thus the fee applies only to money invested and which has been repaid.


If the investor has made 20 investments in loans, each with a 2-year loan duration and has invested on average 100 EUR in each at the interest rate of 12.0%, they will collect in total 1,129.70 EUR per year. Of this payment 1.0% will be deducted from every repayment to cover the investment management fee. So the management fee in total for that year would be 11.30 EUR

There is no institution with which you pay lower fees than on Žltý melón, neither in banks for the operation of a savings account, nor for investment management in unit trusts. Žltý melón is simply fairer and leaves more of the money you earned for you, with you.

You can read more about our fees in the 'Valid Schedule of Charges'.

Compensation for delayed repayments

If a borrowers fails to make their scheduled monthly repayment on time, they will be charged a late payment fee in the amount of 10 EUR / 300 CZK for each month that each delayed or missed repayment is late. Of this amount, the investors collect 80% as a compensation for the late payment, which is split proportionally based on the amount of the loan that they originally funded, while the remaining amount is used to cover the additional costs of the recovery process.

For more information on the services Žltý melón that can provide you with as an investor, please see the section, 'What Žlty melón provides you with'.