Profitable investment with extra guarantee to fund parking space or cubbyhole

Invest your money for 5.9% interest p.a. with an extra guarantee and monthly repayment, with no exception or compromises

LIMITed offer: CASH-FREE at more favourable conditions

Do not miss our limited offer and invest in guaranteed Cash-Free loans at more favourable conditions . Your recovery may now be as high as 6.9%.

Limited bonus offer for CashFree loans: *
  • If you invest from 500 EUR to 999 EUR in one loan, you get bonus of 0,25 % on amount invested
  • If you invest from 1.000 EUR to 2.499 EUR in one loan, you get bonus of 0,50 % on amount invested
  • If you invest from 2.500 EUR to 5.000 EUR in one loan, you get bonus of 0,75 % on amount invested
  • If you invest more than 5.000 EUR in one loan, you get bonus of 1,00 % on amount invested
The number of bonuses acquired by one investor is not limited. The bonus always refers to one investment. Amount of investments for the purpose of calculating the bonus cannot be combined.

The bonus applies to all investments in any of Cash-Free loan carried out at the time of this offer. Bonuses are credited to the investor´s account on the draw date of the loan and may be dealt with freely.

In addition to guaranteed investment Cash-Free Housing, we also offer product: Cash-Free Parking – special-purpose loan to finance a parking space or a cubbyhole with an extra guarantee for investors.

More about the extra guarantee mechanism at Extra guarantee mechanism.

Offering this product, we cooperate with the Cresco Group company, one of the largest and most respected real estate developers in Slovakia, with more than 20 years of history and a lot of successful projects.

Our clients get the opportunity to safely and profitably invest in loans, which people get to finance their parking space or a cubbyhole at their homes. The investment is secured with an extra guarantee from a respective developer and with the property itself.

It is very simple

The only thing you should look after is return on your investment. You just set the amount you want to invest in Cash-free loans and choose which type of Cash-free loan you will fund.

What is cash-free parking and what does it stand for?

  • Cash-Free Parking is intended for all people who are interested in buying their own parking space or cubbyhole in one of the Cresco Group company's projects.
  • The loan is meant to finance 70% of the purchase price of the parking space/cubbyhole (20% of the purchase price is paid by the client prior to obtaining the loan and 10% after acquisition of the property).
  • Unlike Cash-Free Housing loan, in Cash-Free Parking the interest and principal is paid monthly.
  • The loan is repaid in so-called balloon way - to achieve optimal monthly payment, the amount of annuity payment is calculated as if the loan had longer maturity than it really has and the balance of principal is payable within the last instalment. The last instalment is also possible to repay with a new loan, without any costs to its acquisition. For Cash-Free Parking loans, the annuity is calculated for a period of 10 years, the loan has a maturity of three years.
  • Parking space or cubbyhole remains the property of the developer until their full repayment by the client (including full repayment of loans).
  • Buyers can enjoy the full benefits associated with their own parking space which is available for € 80 a month.

If you would like to finance your own parking space or cubbyhole through Cash-Free Parking, ask directly at the point of sale of Cresco Group, or contact us on +421 2/544 100 84.

Why is investing this way favourable?

  • Incomparably greater appreciation of your money compared to other options in the market.
  • Extra guarantee liability for your money provided by a respective developer.
  • Every month, you collect interest and principal of the money invested, which you can immediately make use of it.
  • No restrictions or tricks, about when and what you pay interest on.
  • No need to look after managing your investments. Realization, legal security, administration and collection of repayments are done by Žltý melón, the same way as all investments that are carried out with us.
  • No limit on the maximum amount of investment (total or investment in one loan)
  • Only one low fee 0.33%. * for investment management. No fees for setting up or ending investment, account management and so on.

* For this type of investment, we have reduced standard investment management fee, which is 1% of the monthly instalments collected, to one third, i.e. to 0.33% on collected payments (minimum € 0.01).