investment in cash-free purchase


After successful Cash-Free Housing loans that allow people to finance the purchase of their new housing and provide investors with investment guarantee and attractive appreciation, we offer a new loan product designed for special-purpose financing of the purchase of goods or services – Cash-Free purchase.

Our aim is to offer people a solution to finance their plans and things they long for - a solution that is fair and does not negatively affect the client's financial budget. A solution that is also attractive to investors who profit from their investment at an optimal level of risk.

Offering this loan, we co-operate directly with businesses which sell the goods or offer services. The applicant therefore can easily arrange a loan at a shop without contacting different financial institutions. This loan is simple, transparent and at attractive conditions. Cash-Free Purchase focuses primarily on financing attractive goods or services with higher added value. This also defines the nature of clients who are interested in purchasing such goods and thus are interested in taking such a loan.

We initiated our new loan product - Cash-Free Purchase in cooperation with a bicycle retailer Bike&City, which has three stores in Slovakia and sells trendy urban bicycles of well-known brands. More about Bike & City here.

How does cash-free purchase work for investors?

  • Creditworthiness of each client is closely evaluated, in the same way as for other loans.
  • When applicants meet the conditions and their creditworthiness is verified, the loan auction is set up and investors are provided with the same information about the borrower as in standard loans. However, it is not possible to ask borrowers any additional questions, because the application process takes place offline.
  • Each auction has a fixed interest rate, which depends on the amount of down payment, which the client pays when purchasing goods and counterparty trader – – Investor sees a interest rate in loan auction.
  • Cash-Free loan guarantee is the same as with standard non-purpose loans. Moreover, we have agreed with retailers on repurchasing the goods or on sale or return procedure for cases if the client becomes insolvent and would like to solve this problem by returning the purchased goods.


  • The client chooses the product of their interest and decides for the down payment. There is the option of making down payment of 10%, 20 % or 30%.
  • Based on the amount of instalment, the client decides about the maturity period.
  • The client can apply for the loan directly at the retailer.
  • Within the application process, the client knows what the loan terms and conditions are and also the amount of instalment. The specific conditions are determined by client’s decision concerning the amount of down payment and maturity. It is true that the higher the down payment and shorter maturity period, the more favorable conditions.


Do you know a retailer you want to recommend to us or you are the retailer and our Cash-Free Purchase would ideally fit your business concept? E-mail us at

ABOUT Bike&City

Bike & City offers several well-known brands from the world of urban cycling. When you think of using the bicycle as a means of transport around the city and not just for sports, you should pop in to one of our shops. Our attentive and professional staff is ready to serve you and reply to all tricky questions. Folding bikes, retro bikes, scooters, foot-to-ride-on bikes, helmets, children's bicycles, accessories of genuine leather, as well as electric bicycles, or bicycle airbags, these are just some of the interesting things that can be found in our stores in Bratislava, Košice and Senec. Learn more at: