CashFree Hypo loan

An investment in loans, secured by a pledge agreement on real estate, which people use to co-finance their bank mortgages. In addition to security, the investment offers an attractive return and the possibility of getting an investment bonus.

How does it work?

CashFree Hypo loans are designed to help people purchase a new home, even if they don’t have enough savings to pay the large deposits required by the banks now that 100% mortgages are a thing of the past.

To make these loans affordable for borrowers, repayments are calculated as if the loan was to be repaid over 20 years, just like a standard mortgage. However, to make things more flexible for investors, the loans have a fixed duration of just 3 years, after which the remaining balance on the loan is automatically refinanced with a new loan on Žltý melón.

Investors can resell these loans on our Secondary Market at any time, giving them the best possible combination of high earnings, security, and flexibility!

Žltý melón is working with selected real estate developers and well established mortgage brokers, to ensure these loans are of the highest quality and that all the necessary checks and legal formalities are handled correctly.

Security of the real estate

The primary requirement for obtaining a CashFree Hypo loan from Žltý melón is that the borrower has already been approved for a standard mortgage loan by one of the main banks in Slovakia. This ensures that all borrowers have been thoroughly assessed and that the necessary checks have been carried out on the home they are planning to buy to assess its market value and condition.

To provide additional security for investors, borrowers sign an agreement when they take out the loan that allows for money to be claimed through the sale of their home, should they encounted any financial difficulties when repaying their loan. This is similar to the ‘charge’, or right to claim, that a bank holds against a property when it issues a standard mortgage. The only difference is that it is that this additional security is not officially registered with the relevant government department unless the borrower fails to repay their loan from Žltý melón.

How is my investment protected?

In addition to the terms of the mortgage loan and the security agreement with Žltý melón, there are also other ways that we help protect your investment.

  • Double checked: Not only have all borrower’s gone through our stringent evaluation process to ensure their credit worthiness, but in order to qualify for this loan, they must also have been approved by a bank for a standard mortgage.
    Defaults on mortgage loans are typically very low because of the checks already done by banks, but on Žltý melón borrowers are double checked by us as well!
  • Real estate is real: As part of the extensive mortgage approval process carried out by the bank, they do robust checks to verify the market value of the property and its condition. In the event of default, the bank can only claim a maximum amount equal to the original mortgage loan, which is legally limited to around 75% of the total value of the property.
    The security agreement with Žltý melón allows investors to claim the money owed to them for this loan from the difference between the mortgage amount and the value of the property at the time of sale. Also, the money for the CashFree mortgage loan is paid directly to the developer or seller of the property, to ensure it is not used for any other purpose.
  • Borrowers with a budget: Even though these loans are secured by real elstate, we still carry out rigorous checks on all borrowers to ensure that they have a robusy and stable financial situation that will enable to them to meet all of their financial obligations, including their new mortgage and loan from investors on Žltý melón.
  • Loans for homes: The decision to purchase a new home is not one that people make without careful consideration, especially in terms of their future plans and making certain they will be able to keep up with their mortgage repayments. CashFree Hypo loans are for real people buying a real home, not just landlords looking to buy more real estate, which means they take repaying their loan really seriously.
  • Insurance of the ability to repay the loan: A condition for obtaining a loan is also insurance contract with our partner insurance company where the ability to repay the loan with coverage of all potential risks resulting from the insurance package A.

How much can I earn?

Actual financing conditions and the possibility of obtaining an investment bonus can be found directly on Auctions page - CashFree loans section.

How can I invest?

You can invest in individual CashFree Hypo loan auctions as they become available in the same way as you would invest in any other loan auction on Žltý melón. You can also modify your auto investment settings to make sure you don't miss out on any new auctions as they become available, so you can make the most of this great limited time bonus offer!

Auto invest makes things easy! Simply decide how much you want to invest in each CashFree Hypo loan and the rest is taken care of for you

The investment fee for these loans is just 0.33% (minimum of 0.01 EUR) which is deducted automatically from the monthly repayments made to you by the borrower.

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