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On this page you can view our current loan auctions, both for standard personal loans as well as a range of more specialised loans for specific purposes.

You will notice that each loan auction is marked by a credit rating category, ranging from AA till HR. These credit ratings indicate your level of risk should you choose to invest in that borrower's loan auction. These ratings are based on our unique verfication and evaluation process that we use to assess each loan application.

Minimising risk is key to our and your success, so we are constnatly fine-tuning our screening processes taking the best parts of the traditional methods used by banks and enhancing it through the use of new technologies and a more diverse set of evaluation criteria.

A borrower's credit risk category also determines the recommended interest rate we provide for each loan auction. However. these are only recommendations and you are free to offer a borrower whatever interest rate you feel is appropriate during their loan auction.The final rate interest rate for the borrower's loan is the combined weighted average of all the offers made by the investors, which are used to fund their loan.

We recommend investing in loans with rating class HR only to experienced investors who are fully aware of the higher investment risks associated with these loans and have balanced that carefully against the opportunity to earn higher returns on their investment.

Each loan auction contains all of the necessary information about the borrower, including a short story about them and why they are applying for a loan. Our work prior to a borrower's loan auction meakes it easy for you to choose which loans to invest in and what interest rate you want to offer a borrower. Also, because you are dealing with real people, not banks, if you have a question about anything at all you can simply ask the borrower for further details in their loan auction.

Country • Name
Loan type

Interest rate
AA • Dave2727
8,00 % p.a.
4 000 € • 60 months
10d 04:19:18
C • Matej52632
16,88 % p.a.
5 000 € • 24 months
9d 04:35:18
A • Katarina94695
8,10 % p.a.
5 000 € • 48 months
9d 03:21:40
C • Miroslav8008
13,20 % p.a.
5 000 € • 60 months
8d 08:34:16
B • Veronika17780
14,25 % p.a.
10 000 € • 60 months
3d 04:30:24
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