How to borrow on Žltý melón

  Enter your loan details

First select how much you what to borrow and when you want to repay your loan. We will then ask you for some personal details and immediately inform you whether you are eligible to borrow on Žltý melón.

  Choose your loan type

We offer various different loan products to match your specific needs. Simply select the right loan product for you and then upload the necessary documents directly in our system.

  Get your money!

Once your loan has been funded by our investors, simply sign the loan contract and we'll send you the money directly to your bank account. It's that easy!

borrowing on Žltý melón is anonymous

We have designed our system to ensure your private life remain just that, private! The people who fund your loan will never see your personal details, which are stored on our servers and never displayed publicly.

Find out more about the types of loans we offer and how much you can borrow on Žltý melón